Postpartum Psychosis
Postpartum Depression Philadelphia, Philly, Center City Post Partum Depression


Postpartum psychosis is a serious problem that can result in injury or death to the mother or child.  This condition usually starts as postpartum depression that rapidly worsens to the point where the mother can harm herself or the baby.  If you or a loved one has postpartum psychosis seek immediate help.  Go to the closest Emergency Room and ask for a psychiatric evaluation.  In addition, contact your obstetrician. Postpartum psychosis frequently has rapid onset of symptoms:

  • Hallucinations: Seeing or hearing things that do not exist.
  • Suicidal Ideations: Thoughts of harming herself.
  • Homicidal Ideations: Thoughts of harming others.
  • Unusual speech and behaviors

Immediate help is critical in protecting mother and child.





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